Monday, August 20, 2012

A Dozen Things I Should Remember When Going To The Beach

Hours Spent Playing in the Sand!

1. Never underestimate the power of sunscreen on the tops of your feet.

2. Sand gets EVERYWHERE.
    And you will be reminded long after you've left the beach.

3.  Skim boards are best left to 17 year old boys, endurance alone.

4.  Not bringing too many books to the beach. 
     How did I ever imagine having that much time on my hands?

5.  DVDs of English costume dramas, Ba ha ha ha ha!
     Seriously outnumbered by testosterone.

6.  Doesn't matter how well you pack, you'll have things forgotten and things left unused.

7.  It's always more fun to have friends along.  :)

8.   It was a very good thing to bring lots of towels and a gallon of laundry detergent.

9.   Paper plates disappear almost as fast as brownies.

10. Ziplock baggies in all sizes will get used, starting with seashells and ending
      with sandwiches to go.

11. Even the best umbrella is no match for strong winds at the beach.
      (Kitty Hawk is on the most windy list in the nation)

12. How quickly I would miss looking out over the ocean, hearing the waves,  
      and how much easier it is to breath.

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